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Research article
TCF/beta-catenin plays an important role in HCCR-1 oncogene expression
Cho G, Kim M, Kim S, Ha S, Kim H, Kim S, Kim JW
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:42 (12 May 2009)
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Research article
Chibby forms a homodimer through a heptad repeat of leucine residues in its C-terminal coiled-coil motif
Mofunanya A, Li F, Hsieh J, Takemaru K
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:41 (12 May 2009)
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Research article
Thrombin induces Egr-1 expression in fibroblasts involving elevation of the intracellular Ca2+ concentration, phosphorylation of ERK and activation of ternary complex factor
Rossler OG, Thiel G
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:40 (11 May 2009)
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Research article
Revised Mimivirus major capsid protein sequence reveals intron-containing gene structure and extra domain
Azza S, Cambillau C, Raoult D, Suzan-Monti M
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:39 (11 May 2009)
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Research article
Characterization of the TRBP domain required for Dicer interaction and function in RNA interference
Daniels SM, Melendez-Pena CE, Scarborough RJ, Daher A, Christensen HS, El Far M, Purcell DF, Laine S, Gatignol A
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:38 (7 May 2009)
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