International Programs & DIGS Scholarship Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), Taiwan

CYCU Profile: Research One
     Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) was founded in 1955. We are a renowned comprehensive university in northern Taiwan with excellence in both teaching and research. In 2009, for the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) research ranking, we are ranked #1 in the field of engineering among all private universities and #10 among all universities in Taiwan. Our quality of education has also been recognized by various awards and grants such as the national Teaching and Learning Excellence grant from the Ministry of Education. Our devotion to research is characterized by the distinguished 14 major research centers; among them the government-sponsored R&D Center for Membrane Technology. Currently, CYCU enrolls 16,000 students in its six colleges and one school: College of Science, Engineering, Business, Design, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Humanities and Education, and School of Law. The university offers 27 graduate programs with 13 Ph.D. programs in its 27 departments. More than 90,000 alumni have been devoting their best to the welfare and progress of the domestic and international communities. 

International Graduate Programs
     CYCU offers twelve International Graduate Programs (with courses instructed in English) for international graduate students seeking their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. The twelve international graduate programs being offered are as follows:
Nanotechnology Program
Chemical Engineering and Materials Program
Optomechatronics Program    
 Microelectronic Engineering & Applications Program
 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Program (offered in Chinese)
 International Business and Management Program (MA offered in Chinese; Ph.D. offered partially in English)
 Biomedical Engineering Program
 Environmental Engineering Program
 Biotechnology Program 
 Industrial and Systems Engineering Program
 Civil Engineering Program
 Chemistry and Material Chemistry Program
     International programs are interdisciplinary in nature. International students with a background in science or engineering may apply. Please email to enquire the fields of interest for the wide coverage of research areas.

Scholarship Opportunities
     CYCU offers scholarships to ensure that qualified outstanding students have the financial resources they need to advance their study. The scholarship opportunities include:
Distinguished International Graduate Student (DIGS)
Ø Tuition waiver: tuition and incidental fees are waived 
Ø Monthly stipend: NT$ 6,000 for 2 years for Master’s students; NT$ 8,000 for 4 years for Ph.D. students  
Ø Free campus housing 
Ø Free Chinese language courses for one year
  * DIGS recipients are required to work as research /teaching assistants.
  * DIGS continuity is subject to the review of academic performance.
  * Additional funding may be available for participating in research.
International Student Scholarship (undergraduate)
n Incoming freshman: tuition fee is granted but students need to pay the incidental fees.
n Continuing students: tuition fee will be granted based on the    academic performance of the previous year.   
*For more details, please visit our website at http://oia.cycu.edu.tw 
Taiwan Scholarship
     International students are encouraged to apply for the government-sponsored Taiwan Scholarship to study at CYCU. More information may be obtained from the Taiwan Embassies or by contacting us (http://oia.cycu.edu.tw/file/TaiwanScholarship.doc).

Who Should Apply? 
     CYCU is looking for international students with interest, motivation, and talent to join our research workforce and become part of our campus community. Students with a background in science or engineering should consider applying. Good academic performance and English proficiency are emphasized in program committee review of admission. Students considering advanced academic development or high-level industry positions are strongly encouraged to apply.
For information, contact:
Office of International Affairs                      
Chung Yuan Christian University
200 Chung Pei Rd., Chung Li 32023
Taiwan, R.O.C.      
Tel: +886-3-265-1703, 1704
Fax: +886-3-265-1729
Email: oia@cycu.edu.tw
Website: http://oia.cycu.edu.tw

Rebecca Chiou             
Office of International Affairs    
Fax: +886-3-265-1729
Tel: +886-3-265-1703          
Email: chchiu@cycu.edu.tw

Julia Tsai             
Office of International Affairs
Fax: +886-3-265-1729
Tel: +886-3-265-1704         
 Email: juliashu@cycu.edu.tw


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