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Methodology article
High quality RNA from multiple brain regions simultaneously acquired by laser capture microdissection
Wang W, Oeschger FM, Lee S, Molnar Z
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:69 (6 July 2009)
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Research article
Expression of HNF4alpha in the human and rat choroid plexus - Implications for drug transport across the blood-cerebrospinal-fluid (CSF) barrier
Niehof M, Borlak J
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:68 (3 July 2009)
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Research article
Cooperation between NRF-2 and YY-1 transcription factors is essential for triggering the expression of the PREPL-C2ORF34 bidirectional gene pair
Huang C, Chang WW
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:67 (3 July 2009)
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Research article
Identification of valid reference genes during the differentiation of human myoblasts
Stern-Straeter J, Bonaterra GA, Hormann K, Kinscherf R, Goessler UR
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:66 (2 July 2009)
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Research article
The vasa regulatory region mediates germline expression and maternal transmission of proteins in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae: a versatile tool for genetic control strategies
Papathanos PA, Windbichler N, Menichelli M, Burt A, Crisanti A
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:65 (2 July 2009)
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Research article
Identification of a novel nucleolin related protein (NRP) gene expressed during rat spermatogenesis
Chathoth KT, Ganesan G, Rao MR
BMC Molecular Biology 2009, 10:64 (1 July 2009)
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