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Dear Prospective Students who passed the Special Selection Quota for
International Students 2016.
(Cc: Supervisor, Leading Program Office)

This is Academic Affairs Section, Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine,
Hokkaido University.

We would like to officially confirm your intent to enroll in our university.
Please declare your intent by replying to this email by March 14th.
Be sure to reply to us even if you decline the offer of admission.

For your information, you need to submit documents as below after your
arrival in Japan. You will receive the forms after your arrival at our

Contact Information Sheet
Student Card
Dagvajamts Badrakh MSc.  Researcher, Veterinarian Department of Surgery and Reproduction School of Veterinary Medicine Mongolian State University of Agriculture  Zaisan-17024, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Mobile: 976-99003901